What are people saying about the Labragirl Media Project?

"Labragirl Media Project transformed how teachers instructed and how scholars engaged with the CCSS. The professional development received was engaging, thought-provoking, and pushed teachers to think of their content in a new and innovative way."
—Nicole Grzybowski, Vice Principal @ Venture Prep High School

“​Laurie was a top notch facilitator throughout our two day workshop with Labragirl! She was incredibly well prepared - the clips, powerpoint slides and discussion questions she provided were impeccably selected and well presented. She distilled complex concepts in media literacy down to their essence and articulated core concepts in a remarkably succinct way. This was one of the best facilitated and most beneficial PDs I have participated in! Everything we discussed could be directly implemented in the classroom immediately following our sessions.”
—Natasha Nancekivell, Social Studies Teacher

"Thank you for the amazing insights into using films as a tool to promote our students' growth.  The presentation and encouragement of discernment and perspective-building skills can be utilized effectively throughout our school."
—Anna Twombly-Barrow, Restorative Justice Teacher @ Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy

"You are so incredibly wonderful for coming to our school, providing amazing resources and igniting passion within students that possibly didn't even know their secret talents! I am amazed with the critical thinking, creativity and discussions we have been having since your visit. You were (and continue to be) a huge motivator. Your passion for film is contagious and awe-inspiring. You truly know how to encompass all of English Language Arts into something creative, unique, original and FUN. I find myself looking through the information you gave me on a daily basis. Thank you, so, so much (again)."
—Stephanie Cole, Language Arts Teacher @ Sims-Fayola Academy

"Labragirl Media Project's "Film Shaping History" workshop is an eye-opening experience into viewing films as text. I was immediately able to take the concepts taught in this workshop and teach them to my tenth grade classes."
—Chris Cooper, Language Arts Teacher @ Venture Prep High School

“I found a lot of relevance in the "Film Reading and Analysis”* workshop.  As a high school English teacher, I am constantly looking for different ways to teach how society communicates and represents various ideas while keeping my students interested and the topics fresh. Not only did I feel capable and inspired to use more media after this workshop, Laurie provided lesson plans and a list of all the film clips used so that I would be able to recreate what I had learned. Thank you, Laurie!”
—Robyn Foley, Gr. 9 - 12 English Teacher

"Your perfectly timed presentation was engaging and appropriate; for many of my seniors this was the first time they had thought critically about all the subtleties that influence the viewer of moving images."
—Elaine Grace, Language Arts Teacher @ Monarch High School

"Labragirl Media Project's 'Film Shaping History, Part I' workshop was incredibly valuable.  It gives teachers a framework to show films in class that goes beyond film analysis."
—Michael Robinson, Social Studies Teacher @ Venture Prep High School

"Labragirl Media Project is a valuable resource for teachers and the instructors are knowledgeable and accommodating.  Teachers walk away with many great resources and ideas for lessons.  This is a must have PD for any teacher who is using any type of media in the classroom!  By far the best PD I have been on in years!" 
—Department Head of Social Studies, R. D. Parker Collegiate.

"Laurie's workshop had our teachers riveted.  Even some of our most experienced teachers left her workshop recognizing how much more richly they could use film and media in their classrooms.  For many of us, Laurie offered us both tools for the classroom and a bit of a paradigm shift for how we use media to help students make meaning.
—David Fulton, Director @ Facing History & Ourselves

“Laurie was a wonderful, thorough presenter for our Teaching Artist training at Think 360 Arts.  Our audiences include professional artists from our roster of Teaching Artists, as well as participants from other cultural organizations and classroom teachers.  Think 360 Arts is very thoughtful about who we invite to present for our trainings, as we expect professional development to be worthwhile and high-quality.

The session that Laurie led on Media Literacy thoroughly met our and our audience’s needs and expectations.  The most common comment from attendees after the session was that they gained an understanding of Media Literacy and how to foster awareness of media literacy in their communities.  Laurie is a wealth of resources, professional and approachable, and engaging to listen to and interact with.”
—Caitlin Lindquist, Ph.D., Program Director @ Think 360 Arts for Learning

"Media Literacy is absolutely essential for girls today.  They need to be able to not only interpret and filter what pervades our public culture in terms of self-image, but they also need to have the tools to express who they are, how they feel and what they want from public culture, in effective and clear ways.  Labragirl Film Project makes this happen."
—Liz Wolfson, Executive Director and Founder of Girls Athletic Leadership School GALS


"Labragirl is AWESOME!"
—Student @ Girls Athletic Leadership School



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