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Is Media Literacy Education A Fit For Your School?

    • Do you want to help your students move from unconsciously consuming images to thinking critically about the way media images shape the way they see themselves, others, and the world?
    • Are you curious about media literacy but are not quite sure what it is or how it might fit into your school? 
    • Do you want to help your faculty regain inspiration and creativity in their classrooms while also successfully implementing common core?
    • Do you want innovative, forward-thinking, and progressive curricula that provides an increased depth of knowledge and critical thinking skills but do not have the time to develop new curriculum?

"Let's work together to implement successful classroom strategies that provide students with critical thinking skills, an increased depth of knowledge, and essential 21st century media litercy skills." 
—Laurie Chin Sayres, Director of Media Literacy Education



How to Get the Truth from TV, Commercials, Movies, and Ads

2-Hour introductory media literacy Education Workshop

Ready to make a difference where it counts? For teens and young adults today, that means working with IMAGES: art, photos, and video. In this two-hour workshop, you'll be introduced to how your students can learn the language of images. You'll help them decode media messages, and allow them to see without believing. You'll watch their eyes light up when they see they can rise above the manipulative language of the media. 

Are you a teacher who wants to:

  • Make a real difference in a student's life?
  • Find new ways to help teens enjoy learning?
  • Teach teens and young adults how to find the truth in any picture or video?
  • Help students be mindful when consuming media?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, come to Labragirl Media Project's introductory teacher workshop, "Seeing Without Believing"


You will come away from this workshop with:

  • Introduction to picture reading and decoding media messages
  • An understanding of how to rise above the manipulative language of the media
  • Knowledge about the new field of media literacy education
  • New approaches to make learning both fun and meaningful 

You'll inspire them to use their smartphones for good, by taking pictures that matter, and videos that can truly shape our world!


Laurie Chin Sayres working with middle school teachers.Laurie Chin Sayres working with middle school teachers.Laurie Chin Sayres teaches teens and young adults how to read pictures and decode media messages. A classroom teacher and video editor, Chin Sayres gives students the tools to help them think for themselves, rise above the lies of the manipulative media, and create the next generation of inspiring communication.


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