One Day Workshops

Labragirl Media Project offers several one-day intensive workshops for teachers who want to take a deep dive into specific areas of media literacy methdology, classroom integration, and curriculum development.    

Are you a teacher who:

  • Sees the influence media has on individual and collective perspectives and wants to help your students navigate this influence?  
  • Wants to integrate media literacy skills and conversation into your classroom and curricula? 
  • Would benefit from strategies about how to integrate media literacy as a language and perspective (not an art form or technology) into your K-16 classrom?  
  • Enjoys learning new things and working with likeminded colleagues? 

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, resister for one of our one-day intesive workshops. Currently, we offer one day workshops on the following topics:

Engage: Essential Media Literacy for Teachers

 This workshop provides a comprehensive  introduction  to media literacy methodology, classroom  implementation, and curriculum design. Click HERE for  more information.



History Made Real

This workshop brings media literacy into history and social studies classrooms in meaningful and academic ways. Click HERE for more information.




Find the Facts within the Fiction

This one-day workshop explores the way media images shape our understanding of race, gender, power, space, and the environment. Click HERE for more information.