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Creative Commons License

The pictures below were used in accordance with the Creative Commons License. The Labragirl Media Project appreciates the artists' willingness to share their work under the Creative Commons License. 

The use of these pictures does not in any way represent an endorsement of the Labragirl Media Project by the individual photographers.

Website Banner Images

The following images have been used as banner images on the Labragirl Media Project website.

 by Mr. T. in DC

 by lorda

 by vancouverfilmschool

 by vancouverfilmschool

 by van Ort

 by Kevitivity

 by seafaringwoman

 by quinn anya

 by wayne's eye view

Website Content Pages Images

The following images have been used in the content area of the Labragirl Media Project's website.

 Orange County Archives

 by Max Chang

 by Todd Binger

 by Patrick Feller

 by filmingilman

 by Kevitivity

 by lisa eglinton

 by Michale

 by torres21

 by Toasty Ken

 by vancouverfilmschool

 by torres21

 by torres21

 by torres21

 by puuikibeach

Dan Sigrist Photography

The following picture was taken by Dan Sigrist at Dan Sigrist Photography. We appreciate Dan's talent and use of this photograph. Dan retains all copyrights to this image.

 by Dan Sigrist & Sigrist Photography

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