Engage: Essential Media Literacy for Teachers (ONLINE)

Labragirl Media Project is now offering our introductory media literacy education class, Engage: Essential Media Literacy for Teachers online.

Ready to make a difference where it counts? For kids today, that means helping them navigate a world saturated with powerful—even dangerous—images. In this four-week online workshop, you'll see how your students can learn the language of images to help shift the power from the media to the individual student. You'll help them shift from unconsciously consuming media images to being able to read visual images. This media literacy skill is the foundation for empowering students to think critically about the media's influence, be able to decode media messages, and come to understand how they relate to and process all forms of media.  You'll watch their eyes light up when they realize how this new type of language works and know that you were the teacher who made the difference in the way they engage with the world.

Are you a teacher who wants to:

  • Make a real difference in a world saturated with photos, videos, and ads?
  • Teach students to understand how images create both fact and fiction?  
  • Find new ways to make kids eager to learn and apply their knowledge?
  • Help students create images for good?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, register for Labragirl Media Project's four-week online workshop, "Engage: Essential Media Literacy For Teachers."

You'll walk away with:

  • Practice examining media through the lens of visual and media literacy;
  • The knowledge of media literacy methodology to immediately implement a 2-3 week unit into your class;
  • Detailed and lesson plans for a 3-week media literacy unit;
  • Ready to go slide for so you can teach a 2-3 week media literacy unit right away;
  • Two 60-minute 1:1 video conference support sessions to help make your unit a smashing success;and
  • The ability to turn any photo, video, or commercial into an engaging lesson about visual communication.

You'll inspire your students to understand the power of their smartphones and help them use the power of images in responsible and empowering ways! 

Who is this workshop for?

Engage: Essential Media Literacy for Teacher is designed to support educators who want to help their students move from unconsciously consuming images to thinking critically about the media's influence. This introductory workshop is designed to give teachers a solid background in critical media literacy, visual literacy methodology, and be ready to implement a comprehensive media literacy into their class. Teachers will receive both media literacy training as well as support materials so implementation will take practically ZERO PREP time.  

Engage: Essential Media Literacy for Teachers is ideal for middle school, high school, and college language arts, library, literacy, English, history, social studies, humanities, wellness, and health teachers. 


Laurie Chin Sayres working with middle school teachers. Laurie Chin Sayres works with teachers to help students leanr how to read pictures and decode media messages. A classroom teacher and filmmaker, Chin Sayres gives students the tools to help them think for themselves, feel empowered in their interactions with all forms of media, and create the next generation of inspiring communication.

Read more about Laurie Chin Sayres:

Dates:Workshop #1*: Monday, July 17th: Overview & Introduction to Media Literacy
Workshop #2*: Monday, July 24th: Let's Learn Media Grammar 
Workshop #3*: Monday, July 31st: Exploring Different Media Formats
Workshop #4*: Monday, August 7th: Classroom Integration

*Note: Workshops will be delivered live with an opoprtunity for questions. It is not necessary to attend the live workshop because the video replay will be made available.  
Time:Each Monday workshop will take place from 10:00AM—11:30AM Mountain Time
Location:ONLINE - Via Zoom Video Webinar
General Entry Price:

Full Price: $349

First-Time Class Special*: $149

This is the first time Labragirl Media Project is running this workshop online. This first time we are offering the special rate of $149. Future sessions of this workshop will be at the rate of $349. Register early to save.