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Is it Time for Labragirl?

Are you a social studies, english, language arts, history, literacy, or humanities teachers who wants to bring film literacy and critical thinking to your students in academically meaningful ways, but do not have the time or background to incorporate media literacy into your classroom?

  • Do you want to help students think critically about moving images?
  • Do you want time-saving lesson plans to help students develop necessary 21st century media literacy skills?
  • Do you want to exercise your creativity within the CCSS system? 

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, let's talk film! Email the Director of Film Literacy Education at laurie@labragirlfilmproject.org or click here to fill out our Interest & Inquiry form.

Labragirl's film literacy teacher professional development, customzied curriculum design, and in-class student instruction programs ultimately equip students with the skills to: 

            • Move from passively consuming images to thinking critically about moving images;
            • Successfully navigate an increasingly media saturated world;
            • Engage in sophisticated conversation about how moving images shape our understanding of the past; and
            • Integrate classroom learning with real-life experiences.


 Bring Media Literacy into Your School


"Moving from consumption to thinking critically is a key point because our society is saturated with moving images and every day that's increasing and moving towards super saturation.  So, film really plays a significant role in shaping the way we see the world and to help students become aware of that will not only engage them in the classroom, but also help them as they move throughout the world."


—Laurie Chin Sayres



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Venture Prep H.S. faculty with Labragirl's Laurie Chin Sayres.Venture Prep H.S. faculty with Labragirl's Laurie Chin Sayres."Labragirl Film Project transformed how teachers instructed and how scholars engaged with the CCSS. The professional development received was engaging, thought-provoking, and pushed teachers to think of their content in a new and innovative way."

—Nicole Grzybowski, Vice Principal, Venture Prep High School